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Kitchen Lighting Services in Grand Rapids, MI

We have done several different kitchen remodels in the Greater Grand Rapids area, specifically, Ada, Forest Hills, East Grand Rapids, and Lowell. For the standard kitchen remodel, we will update and install new circuits.

Normally, we like to have the refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal on dedicated circuits by themselves along with at least two countertop outlet circuits.

Light Fixtures

The light fixture aisle at the local home improvement store is bright and full of possibilities. However, if you decide to replace a light fixture at home, you will need the expertise of a licensed electrician.

A lot of the kitchens we remodel have a lot of recessed light fixtures in them along with pendant lights over islands. This is why we usually end up installing dimmer switches on kitchen lighting. When we remodel a kitchen, we like to install LED lights under the cabinets.

When an old light fixture is removed, a lot of wires will be visible and you might not know or feel confident with what to do with them. One of our experienced electricians can save you the hassle of making costly mistakes by installing new light fixtures quickly and efficiently.

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Protect your home and prevent personal injury by hiring an electrical contractor in Grand Rapids, MI to install new wiring. Our electricians are also familiar with the local codes so your home’s electrical system will be safe and up to date.

If you feel like your home could benefit from our kitchen lighting services, please contact our licensed electricians at (616) 987-0596. At Flat River Electric, we strive to make your home safe for everyone.

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