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Is it Dangerous if a Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?

Circuit Breaker Electricians Lowell, MI

A circuit breaker trips if the demand for electricity exceeds the circuit’s capacity. For example, plugging in too many Christmas lights can trip the circuit breaker. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, you’ll need to call one of our electricians in Lowell, MI. That way, our electrical contractors will be able to find out why your circuit breaker tripped and offer solutions.

Don’t Ignore a Tripping Circuit Breaker

Don’t ignore a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. This is a sign that one of your circuits is getting overloaded on a regular basis. Your circuits are only able to handle up to a certain level of voltage. Beyond this voltage, you run the risk of starting an electrical fire. This is why the circuit breaker trips, shutting off the flow of electricity in your home.

A power outage from a tripped circuit breaker can be annoying. Yet, it’s important to remember that your circuit breaker serves an important purpose. A circuit breaker prevents high amounts of electricity from overheating wires. If the wires get too hot, they can start an electrical fire. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, don’t wait to call one of our electricians. Call today!

Common Reasons for a Circuit Breaker to Trip

Your circuit breaker will trip if you exceed the circuit’s capacity for electricity. This often happens when you plug in seasonal items, such as space heaters or Christmas lights.

You don’t have to plug in a large appliance to trip the circuit breaker if you’re close to maximum capacity. At this point, even something as small as plugging in a hairdryer could trip the circuit breaker. If you’re unsure what’s tripping your circuit breaker, call our electricians. We’ll be able to find a solution that works for you.

Your circuit breaker could also be tripping due to a short circuit or ground fault. These issues are more serious and need attention from our electricians. You should especially call us if you notice your wall outlet plate has melted or smells like smoke.

How We Fix Circuit Breakers

We may recommend that you upgrade your electrical panel if your home is over 40 years old. Today’s homeowners demand much more electricity than previous generations for microwaves, refrigerators, and other technology.

Depending on your home, we may recommend a complete home rewire or an update to your electrical panel. For example, you may only need another circuit and respective circuit breaker. That way, your electrical system will be able to handle your energy needs.

You may need a new electrical panel if:

  • Your circuit breaker trips often
  • There are interruptions in power
  • Appliances can’t run on full power

We always put your safety first when installing or updating an electrical panel. For example, you’ll need ground fault circuit interrupters for outlets in wet areas like bathrooms. That way, you reduce your risk of electric shock injury.

Call Us Today

Our electrical contractors in Lowell, MI work hard to make sure your home is safe. To request a service call for a circuit breaker, call Flat River Electric at (616) 987-0596.

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