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Tips for Childproofing Electrical Outlets & Power Strips

Child Proof Electrician Lowell MI

Do you have small children at home? If so, you’ll want to take steps to make your home a safer place for babies and toddlers. Since children want to explore the world around them, it’ll be your responsibility to make sure their home is a safe environment. Here are our tips for childproofing electrical outlets and power strips.

Install Childproof Electrical Outlets

Children are naturally curious, which can get them in trouble if you don’t have childproof electrical outlets. Fortunately, our electricians have experience installing these tamper-proof outlets so you can have peace of mind.

A tamper-resistant outlet is designed so a child can’t insert a skinny metal object (like a fork) into one of the prong holes and risk getting shocked. In order to insert something into the tamper-resistant outlet, there must be equal pressure on all prong holes. That way, you’re only able to insert plugs for electrical devices and appliances.

Our local electricians are only a phone call away if you need to update your electrical outlets to something that’s childproof. Likewise, call us if you have electrical outlets that spark when you go to plug something in, which may indicate a short circuit.

Cover Outlets That Aren’t Used

Any electrical outlets that aren’t tamper-resistant will need to be covered. This can help eliminate your child’s temptation to play with electrical outlets.

While outlet plugs are cheap and readily found, they can also be easily removed by a clever toddler with strong fingers. Once outlet plugs are removed, they become a choking hazard. For this reason, you’re much better off installing sliding or box outlet covers. But our residential electricians recommend childproof electrical outlets for the best protection.

Don’t Depend on Extension Cords

Babies put everything in their mouths, which could include extension cords if they’re within reach. Not only is there the risk that your child could chew on the extension cords, but they could also trip over them if they’re just learning how to walk.

Extension cords can also be dangerous because they could be tempting for children to pull. This can be disastrous if an appliance is pulled off a counter and falls on them.

Extension cords are meant as temporary solutions, not permanent ones. If you use extension cords on a daily basis, this is a sign that you need more electrical outlets in your home. Fortunately, our local electricians are able to install childproof electrical outlets that are safer for babies and toddlers.

Cover Power Strips

We understand that you might have a rat’s nest of cords behind your TV or computer. However, there are steps you can take to keep these cords out of your child’s reach. Our residential electricians recommend shortening and covering long cords.

There are also power strip covers you can buy so your child isn’t able to unplug or plug anything.

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Ready to start childproofing electrical outlets and power strips in your home? Call our service electricians in Lowell, MI, to get started. Childproof outlets will improve the safety of your home and give you peace of mind. To request a service call, call Flat River Electric at (616) 987-0596.

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