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Are Ungrounded Outlets Safe?

Ungrounded Outlets Electrician Lowell, MI

Was your home built before 1960? If so, you may still have two-prong outlets in your home. Our electricians call these “ungrounded outlets” because they don’t have a ground wire. During a short circuit, a ground wire directs the electrical current to the earth. That way, the ground is able to absorb excess electricity so you can avoid injury.

Continue reading to learn why ungrounded outlets aren’t safe. We’ll also tell you how our electricians are able to replace outlets so your home is up to code.

Ungrounded Outlets

What Can Happen if an Outlet is Not Grounded?

A grounded outlet looks like a face because it has two vertical slots and a hole at the bottom. If your electrical outlets only have two vertical slots, you’ll want to call us as soon as possible. Ungrounded outlets are more likely to cause fires and injuries during short circuits.

A circuit is a path electricity takes through your home to power appliances and devices. If the electrical load exceeds what the circuit can handle, it can trip the circuit breaker. A grounded outlet is a fail-safe because it directs electricity to the ground where it’s absorbed.

We understand that you may hesitate to replace ungrounded outlets that still work. We also understand that you may be on a budget. Yet, it’s important to think about the safety of you and your family. An ungrounded outlet increases your risk of injury in the event of a short circuit. There’s a reason why ungrounded outlets aren’t up to code. Call our electrical contractors today.

Many appliances and devices use three-prong plugs, making ungrounded outlets inconvenient. It’s even more inconvenient when a short circuit zaps your smartphone or other device. Grounded outlets won’t destroy your devices in the event of a short circuit. Instead, they direct the electrical current to the earth so it can be safely absorbed. This is a much better alternative than having a short circuit fry your phone!

How Do You Fix an Ungrounded Outlet?

The best way to fix an ungrounded outlet is to replace it — a simple task for our electrical contractors. Our residential electricians will be more than happy to replace your ungrounded outlets. You can trust our team to be respectful and courteous when working in your home.

Are Grounded Outlets Required by Law?

Ungrounded outlets are not up to code. For this reason, we always recommend homeowners replace outdated electrical outlets. Your safety is of utmost importance. Don’t risk an electrical fire or injury by living with ungrounded outlets.

While two-prong outlets were standard in the 1960’s, contractors have since phased them out. Yet, this doesn’t mean there aren’t houses that still have ungrounded electrical outlets.

Don’t try replacing outlets by yourself! Call our electrical contractors today to request a service visit. We’ll be able to update your wall outlets so you can plug in appliances with peace of mind.

Our electricians in Lowell, MI have experience replacing outlets so they’re up to code. We offer child proof outlets that prevent toddlers from being able to insert sharp objects (like forks) into the prong holes. To request a service call to replace outlets, call Flat River Electric at (616) 987-0596.