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Signs Your Electrical Wiring is Outdated

Residential Electrician Lowell MI

Do you know how old the electrical wiring is in your house? Aren’t sure if you need to replace your electrical wiring?

Our electricians can start rewiring a house room by room so it’s safe and code-compliant.

Here’s what you need to know about outdated electrical wiring.

House is Over 40 Years Old

You may need to replace the electrical wiring if your house is over 40 years old. Today’s homeowners demand much more electricity than previous generations. The average household uses electricity for refrigerators, stoves, clothes dryers, and other appliances.

The good news is that we can help upgrade your electrical system so it can handle your energy needs. To do this, we may need to rewire your home or update the electrical panel. For example, you may only need another circuit and respective circuit breaker.

Burning Smell from Wall Outlets

Never ignore a burning smell from your outlets as this can be a precursor to an electrical fire. Call one of our electricians as soon as possible.

Once you find the source of the smell, unplug anything in that outlet. Then, you’ll need to turn off the electrical supply to that room or area.

Each switch in the electrical panel should have a sticker next to it. The sticker will state which circuit it belongs to.

You may smell something burning due to:

Any of the above issues warrant a call to one of our residential electricians. Also call one of our local electricians if the outlet cover is stained, hot to touch, popping, or sizzling. A melted electrical outlet is also a sign of an overloaded circuit or defective wiring.

Dim or Flickering Lights

You may need our help with rewiring an old house if you have dim or flickering lights. Fortunately, our local electricians have plenty of experience with house wiring.

Do the lights flicker when you plug in an appliance? If so, this is a sign that the old electrical wiring in your home isn’t able to run enough electricity to appliances.

Damaged or frayed electrical wiring can also cause lights to dim. It may also increase the risk of an electrical fire.

Circuit Breaker Trips Often

Does your circuit breaker trip often? This could be a sign that you need to update or replace your home’s electrical wiring.

A circuit breaker will trip if the demand for electricity exceeds what’s considered safe for your electrical system. To stop electricity from reaching dangerous levels and starting a fire, the circuit breaker will trip and shut off the power.


Your electrical system is more likely to have issues if it’s over 40 years old.

Call our electricians if you notice the following issues:

  • Burning smell from wall outlets
  • Dim or flickering lights
  • Circuit breaker trips often
  • Outlet cover is stained, hot to touch, popping, or sizzling

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Do you suspect there’s something wrong with your home’s electrical system? If so, it’s time to call our residential electricians in Rockford, MI. To request service, please call Flat River Electric at (616) 987-0978. You may also fill out our online contact form.

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