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At Flat River Electric, our premium generator installers notice that many homeowners are becoming more intrigued by a standby generator installation with their electrical services. Our electricians can help you find the right size generator for your electrical needs. Giving homeowners the peace of mind to know that they are well protected through any issue.

As technology expands, people are starting to gravitate towards more safety and security features for their most important properties. When it comes to your home, the benefits of electricity should never be underestimated. Why not take measures to protect yourself during an outage or in an emergency? With a home emergency backup generator we can make sure you always have power even when your neighbors are without.

Your home will operate like normal even if no one is home during a power outage. Great for vacation homes or homes that are not occupied during cold climates. There is no fuel tank on a whole home automatic generator, so they will always have fuel. Whole home automatic generators are built to withstand the outdoor elements. If you’re considering protecting your home from power outages, contact our generator specialists in Grand Rapids, MI. Discover why many homeowners call us one of the best generator installation companies in the region.

Want to enjoy our other offerings? Explore our home rewiring, panel replacementsrecessed lighting, and EV charging station installation services to get more bang for your buck from our generator installers.

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At Flat River Electric, it is our goal to power your home during power outages to meet your needs. Together we will figure out which setup best fits your needs and your budget. 

Premium Service: Before, During, And After Your Installation.

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We are West Michigan’s Elite Electrical Contractor providing Premium Electrical Service to you before, during, and after your project.

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We have highly trained 5 Star Electricians that will provide a Premium Generator Installation.

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We believe in our highly trained electricians so much that we offer you a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee on our work.

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Residential Backup Generator Installation Company

A backup generator installation can provide a lot of benefits to you and your family. As one of the best examples of the phrase “things you don’t realize you need until you need them,” generators can be a blessing in disguise in the right situation. Whether battling heavy rainstorms or fighting through those tough Michigan winters, no homeowner wants to get caught in a cold home for days without electricity. Here are just a few of the many reasons you need a standby generator from our generator installation service in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Maintain power in a blackout
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Continue your work from home
  • Preserve food
  • Prevent frozen pipes

Types Of Residential Generator Installations


Grand Rapids Generator, Manual Transfer Switch


Portable Essential Circuits


Whole Home Generator Interlock


Portable - Interlock Kit


Generac Whole Home Generator Installation


Fully Automatic

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EV Charger Installation
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5 Star Google Review
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