Child Proof Outlets

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Today’s homes are required to have a certain number of outlets installed in each room. If your home was built before 2008, there is a good chance that the outlets that were installed are not Tamper Resistant outlets. One of the best way to baby proof your home is to have a licensed electrician at Flat River Electric change your current outlets to tamper resistant outlets.

With the shutters closed tamper resistant outlets are designed so that a child is not able to insert a metal object into the outlet. Tamper Resistant outlets work like a normal outlet when equal pressure is applied to both side of the plug at the same time. When there is not equal pressure applied to both sides of the plug then the shutters remain closed which prevent foreign objects from being inserted and causing traumatic electrical injury to children.

Contact us Today!!! to have a trained electrician come out and replace your existing outlets with new tamper resistant outlets to prevent your children from inserting metal objects into outlet and to eliminate the plastic inserts that many people install in the outlets that are a choking hazard.

For just a few dollars per outlet, pennies more than traditional receptacles, you can bring your home up to code and make it safer for your family by having child proof outlets installed. In fact, tamper proof receptacles have proven so effective that as of 2008 the National Electrical Code has required the installation of them in all new homes. Without child proof receptacles, your child is at risk of electrical shock, electrical burn and other injuries.