Warning Signs of an Overloaded Electrical Circuit

Signs of overloaded electrical circuits

An electrical circuit is only able to handle so much electricity at one time. If the demand for electricity exceeds the safe capacity of the circuit, your circuit breaker will trip. Like the name suggests, a circuit breaker shuts off the flow of electricity so the circuit doesn’t overheat and start a fire. Continue reading to […]

7 Electrical Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Electrical Safety Lowell, MI Electricians

Electrical Safety Tips Are your kids home full-time? If so, you’ll want to check out our 7 tips to keep them safe around electrical outlets, cords, and equipment. Our residential electricians in Lowell, MI can help make your home a safer place. Not only do we install childproof outlets, but we can also provide electrical […]

What Causes Lights to Flicker and Dim?

Electricians in Lowell, MI

It’s normal for lights to flicker on occasion. Yet, if you have flickering lights on a regular basis, it could be a sign of a larger problem. For example, you may need to replace a light switch if it’s always the same bulb that flickers. We’ll talk about what else causes lights to flicker and […]

What Would Cause an Electrical Outlet to Melt?

Electrical Outlets Electricians in Lowell, MI

You depend on your electrical outlets to plug in household appliances and devices. However sometimes things malfunction and then other problems may arise. The answer is to call one of our electricians in Lowell, MI as soon as possible. Wall outlets may melt due to defective wiring or loose connections. How Electrical Outlets Work Inside […]

Is it Dangerous if a Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?

Circuit Breaker Electricians Lowell, MI

A circuit breaker trips if the demand for electricity exceeds the circuit’s capacity. For example, plugging in too many Christmas lights can trip the circuit breaker. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, you’ll need to call one of our electricians in Lowell, MI. That way, our electrical contractors will be able to find out why […]

Are Ungrounded Outlets Safe?

Ungrounded Outlets Electrician Lowell, MI

Was your home built before 1960? If so, you may still have two-prong outlets in your home. Our electricians call these “ungrounded outlets” because they don’t have a ground wire. During a short circuit, a ground wire directs the electrical current to the earth. That way, the ground is able to absorb excess electricity so […]

Tips for Childproofing Electrical Outlets & Power Strips

Child Proof Electrician Lowell MI

Do you have small children at home? If so, you’ll want to take steps to make your home a safer place for babies and toddlers. Since children want to explore the world around them, it’ll be your responsibility to make sure their home is a safe environment. Here are our tips for childproofing electrical outlets […]

Signs Your Electrical Wiring is Outdated

Residential Electrician Lowell MI

Do you know how old the electrical wiring is in your house? Aren’t sure if you need to replace your electrical wiring? Our electricians can start rewiring a house room by room so it’s safe and code-compliant. Here’s what you need to know about outdated electrical wiring. House is Over 40 Years Old You may […]

How to Protect Electronics from Power Surges

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After spending thousands of dollars on electronics, the last thing you want is for them to get fried during a power surge. Whether you want to protect your household appliances or latest smartphone, we recommend you hire one of our electricians to install a whole house surge protector. A house surge protector gives you peace […]

Should I Switch to LED Light Bulbs?

Should I Switch to LED Light Bulbs Lowell, MI

Are LED light bulbs worth the hype? Our electricians think so. The cost of LED lights has dropped over the years, making them accessible to more homeowners. Not only can LED lighting help you save money on energy bills, but it can reduce your environmental impact and the number of times you need to change […]