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Bathroom Remodels
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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Is it time to upgrade your home’s bathroom? Then our bathroom remodeling contractors will help you every step of the way. Flat River Electric has experience helping countless homeowners with their unique renovation needs and will gladly assist you. Whether you’re interested in a large or small bathroom remodel, you can always trust our professional team to deliver exceptional results.

Bathroom Remodeling Company for Grand Rapids, MI, Homes

Our new bathroom redesign company serves homeowners across numerous locations with their remodeling projects. Reach out to Flat River Electric for our home bathroom remodeling services in the following locations:

Providing Premium Electrical Service To:

Home Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to bathroom redesign services, Flat River Electric has performed a wide range of remodeling jobs. Whether you want to add new lighting or an electronic appliance, our experienced team will help you install the necessary outlets and circuits for your vision. If you’re unsure of how you want to approach your master bathroom remodel, here are some ideas for inspiration:

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Consider Recessed Lighting

Given how much of an influence lighting can have on your bathroom, making sure the room is well-illuminated will make it easier when showering, brushing your hair, and performing other activities. One way to accomplish this is with recessed lighting, which effectively ensures all corners of your bathroom are bright. Our bathroom remodeling company in Grand Rapids, MI, has experience with ceiling lighting and will guarantee that yours are as beautiful as they are functional.

Install Mirror Lights

Attaching sconce lights to both sides of the mirror is a well-known option for both half and master bathroom remodels alike. However, contemplate installing a lighted bathroom mirror with dimming options during your renovation project.

Opt for Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re planning a big or small bathroom remodel, you can use the opportunity to install more energy-efficient light bulbs. LED lighting is known to have higher energy efficiency than other options, so be sure to consider them during your renovation.

Professional Bathroom Redesign Services

No matter what ideas you have for your renovation project, our expert bathroom remodeling contractors will have the necessary experience to bring it to life. Flat River Electric is home to a team of professionals who have successfully completed numerous remodeling projects and installations — meaning that you can always depend on them to get the job done. With the help of our bathroom remodeling company in Grand Rapids, MI, your renovation will be completed efficiently and ready to use in no time.

Call Our Bathroom Remodeling Company in Grand Rapids, MI, Today

Whether you want to upgrade your new home’s bathroom or renovate it before putting it on the housing market, our bathroom remodeling services will ensure you’re left with beautiful workmanship and professionally-installed lighting. Flat River Electric has helped homeowners across Ada, Cascade, Rockford, East Grand Rapids, Lowell, Alto, and Kent County, MI, with their bathroom redesign services and will be happy to assist you as well.

In addition to being a new bathroom redesign company, you can reach out to us for kitchen remodels and other electrical services.

For more information on our bathroom remodeling company in Grand Rapids, MI, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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