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How Electricians Make Your Home Safer

Residential Electrician Lowell MI

If you are experiencing issues with your home’s electrical system (or just want to make your home safer) we recommend calling a residential electrician. A licensed electrician at Flat River Electric will be able to suggest solutions that will keep your home safe for you and your family.

For example, an electrician can install child proof outlets in your home if you have small children or install an alarm to detect carbon monoxide. A home electrician can offer a variety of products and services to keep your home safe, some of which are listed below.

1. Tamper-Resistant Outlets

Children are naturally curious. Unfortunately, that curiosity can get them into trouble when they stick knives, keys, hairpins, and other items into electrical outlets. Each year, approximately 2,400 American children visit emergency rooms for electric shock injuries caused by outlets.

While plastic outlet covers offer minimal protection, more and more parents are deciding to install tamper-resistant outlets (also called child proof outlets).

Tamper-resistant outlets have cover plates over the contact points that only open when equal pressure is applied—like when you plug in an appliance. The spring-loaded cover plates prevent a child from being able to stick an object into one of the receptacle’s contact points.

Tamper resistant outlets look just like normal outlets, except that they protect children from electrical shock injury.

2. Smoke Detector

Your smoke detectors are your first warning of a fire, which is why it’s important to have them in your home. Licensed electricians will make sure that your smoke alarms are installed properly so that they’ll work in the event of an emergency. An electrician can also make sure that you install the best smoke detectors for your home.

3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that starves your body of oxygen. If you don’t already have them, we recommend installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home so you can keep you and your family safe.

The reason why carbon monoxide is so dangerous is because it is often detected too late. If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off, you’ll need to evacuate all people and pets from the home and call 911.

4. Circuit Breaker

Have you ever experienced a power outage after plugging in an appliance? Odds are you tripped the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is responsible for making sure your electrical usage doesn’t exceed the amount of electricity your system is able to handle.

While it may seem like an inconvenience when you trip the circuit breaker, it is serving the important purpose of preventing an electrical fire. If you are constantly tripping the circuit breaker, you’ll want to call a local electrician as soon as possible. They’ll be able to determine the cause of the circuit breaker tripping and come up with a solution.

5. Professional Wiring

If you need to rewire your home, don’t try to do the job yourself. There are so many complicated factors that go into wiring or rewiring a house. Faulty or improperly-installed wiring is a huge cause of residential fires, and it’s almost impossible for the average Joe to do the job right without professional help. Our electricians know how to rewire a home quickly and safely.

Need an Electrician?

The Lowell electrical contractors at Flat River Electric work hard to make sure your home is safe with a variety of products like tamper resistant outlets, smoke detector installations, and carbon monoxide detectors. If you are interested in any of our electrical services, give our electricians in Lowell, MI a call at (616) 987-0596.

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