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What to Look for in Service Electricians

Residential Electrician Lowell MI

Are you having difficulty hiring an electrical contractor to handle your residential or commercial electrical repairs? Don’t worry about it, we understand that it can be difficult to find a licensed electrician in your area. That is why we have compiled the following list of things to look for when looking to hire a service electrician!


Reputable electrical contractors will be licensed by the state of Michigan. This is a sign that they are qualified to do electrical work. If you are meeting with a prospective service electrician who is not upfront about their licensing situation when you ask them, walk away. Electricians who are not licensed are a liability to your home.

Electrical fires have been caused by unqualified or inexperienced electricians who do not wire certain electrical components properly. Avoid irreparable fire damage by hiring an electrical contractor who is qualified for the job. Potential electrical hazards are not to be taken lightly. Electricians who make mistakes can also cost you money in the long run when you have to schedule repairs to fix what they did.


Any respectable electrical company will make sure that their workers are protected through insurance. If you are interviewing a potential service electrician who is not insured, do not hire them. There is plenty of occupational risk associated with being a service electrician

If a service electrician is uninsured, this makes the homeowner liable for paying any medical expenses. Avoid the headache of being liable for an uninsured contractor. When interviewing an electrician for your residential or commercial electrical project, make sure they are properly insured before moving forward.


If you are looking to do major electrical work, such as entire home rewiring, it is important that you contact a licensed electrical contractor with the proper references. When you ask for references, be sure to specifically ask about recent projects or projects relevant to the type of electrical work you want done.

Asking for recent projects prevents the contractor from handing you old references that are not an accurate depiction of their company’s current work. For example, when a company undergoes new management, the company’s performance may suffer. 

Also, make sure to ask the service electrician what kind of electrical work they do most. For example, someone who specializes in new construction may not be the best choice for your remodeling project. The specific your project is, the more you want to hire a specialized electrician because they will be better equipped to complete the job.

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