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Swimming Pool Wiring Installation Safety | Lowell MI Electricians

With the summer months coming up, you may be thinking about installing a new swimming pool in your backyard. While most homeowners associate swimming pools with water, there are actually several electrical components that need to be properly installed by a licensed residential electrician.

The following are some of the electrical equipment that could be in your pool:

Extend the Meaning of “Pool Safety”

A swimming pool electrician will be able to install pool wiring so that you’ll be all set for the summer. Pool safety means so much more than just wearing life jackets or swimming with a buddy. It’s also important that your pool’s wiring be installed by an electrician experienced in swimming pool wiring installation.

There have been cases of pool electrocution when pool wiring was improperly installed. This is why we recommend that you only work with electricians that have experience with pool wiring installations. We also don’t recommend that you try to DIY any electrical projects in or near your swimming pool. When pool water is electrically charged, it can cause injury or even death by electrocution.

Since pool water and electricity can create a dangerous combination, make sure you consult with an expert in swimming pool electrical work and swimming pool safety. Electrical equipment such as pool lighting and electric motors must be properly grounded and have steel structures bonded.

Maintain Your Swimming Pool Wiring

Once your swimming pool has had its wiring installed, it’s important that it receives proper maintenance or repairs as needed. It’s no understatement that water and electricity don’t mix. To ensure the safety of both your friends and family, it’s important that you make sure your pool wires are in good working condition.

Hire a Professional Residential Swimming Pool Electrician

To ensure the water safety of both you and your family, make sure you hire a swimming pool service electrician with the appropriate experience for your home improvement project. Accidents happen when well-meaning homeowners try to do their own swimming pool electrical work. To avoid ending up like another statistic, it’s best to contact a licensed electrician.

If you are interested in our swimming pool wiring installation service, please feel free to call our service electricians at (616) 987-0596. Flat River Electric is a residential electrician company dedicated to helping homeowners in Ada, Caledonia, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Grandville, Hudsonville, Lowell, Plainfield, Rockford, and other surrounding West Michigan areas.

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