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Anyone interested in looking at a home remodeling portfolio of Grand Rapids, MI, houses can browse examples of our past work with our portfolio. At Flat River Electric, our experienced team has performed numerous house renovations and will be happy to assist with yours as well.

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Our Home Remodeling Portfolio for Grand Rapids, MI, Projects

Want to learn where the photos in our home redesign portfolio originate? Flat River Electric has helped countless homeowners throughout Michigan implement their home renovation ideas, including those residing in the following locations:

  • Ada
  • Cascade
  • Rockford
  • East Grand Rapids
  • Lowell
  • Alto
  • Kent County

Home Lighting Ideas

If you’re searching for home lighting ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Our new lighting portfolio contains a diverse range of examples of how an installation can improve your home’s design and functionality. Some ideas you should consider include the following:

  • Using lighting in your foyer to make your home appear more inviting and to highlight artwork hung on the walls.
  • Being mindful of lighting installations in rooms with televisions, as they can increase the glare on the screen.
  • Taking the natural lighting provided by windows into consideration.
  • Adding lighting to your wine cellar is another idea you can see for yourself in our home redesign portfolio.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

  • With wall lighting, you can create a great source of task lighting to make food preparation safer.
  • One of the best kitchen remodeling ideas is to add dimmers. This allows you to alternate between bright lighting for meal prep and ambient lighting for eating dinner.
  • Installing lights for your kitchen island can highlight it as a focal point of the room.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

  • One of the more useful bathroom remodeling ideas is recessed lighting, which can illuminate the room a safe distance away from the water that might damage it.
  • Cabinet lighting can add some extra visual flair to your bathroom.
  • Adding hanging lights next to bathroom mirrors can be seen in many new lighting portfolios, and for a good reason — it helps with shaving, applying makeup, and other routines.

Be a Part of Our Home Remodeling Portfolio for Grand Rapids, MI, Projects

No matter what home renovation ideas you have in mind, know that the team at Flat River Electric has the experience to make them a reality. We’re proud to assist residents of Ada, Cascade, Rockford, East Grand Rapids, Lowell, Alto, and Kent County with their remodeling endeavors and will be happy to help with yours as well. From kitchen remodels to bathroom remodels, you can entrust us with all your renovation projects.

Additionally, our team offers more than an impressive home remodeling portfolio for Grand Rapids, MI, homes. From installing LED lighting to outlets, we’ll be there to help your home meet all your electric needs.

For more information on our home remodeling portfolio for Grand Rapids, MI, projects, reach out to Flat River Electric for further details.